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  • Hooker Bros Ltd moving a 73T Separator from Fitzroy Engineering, New Plymouth to Wairakei Power Station.
  • Laing Building Relocators moved this house on the West Coast of the South Island.
  • Tranzcarr Heavy Haulage Ltd moving wind farm components to the White Hill Wind Farm.
  • Boat Haulage Ltd moving a boat mast at the Port of Tauranga.
  • Multi Trans Ltd in New Plymouth moving an accommodation unit for an oil rig, 12.5m wide, 17.3m high and 75.5m overall length.
  • Britton Housemovers Ltd relocating Perano house in Picton.
  • Ian Spedding Ltd moving a Cat D8 to Wellsford.

What We Do

The NZ Heavy Haulage Association is the national trade association for companies that transport overweight or overdimension loads. Our services include the following:

  • The transport of oversize loads includes gaining permission from various regulatory authorities, and a key role of the Association is to promote the interests of the industry with these agencies to ensure that any conditions for travel are safe and appropriate.
  • The Association performs an important information-sharing role with its members to ensure that they are up to date with all requirements
  • The Association advocates with roading authorities to ensure that a network of suitable roads and routes are provided for overdimension and overweight loads.
  • Provide a networking opportunity between industry members in order to faciliate industry best practice

Benefits of Membership

Transport companies that transport loads that travel on overweight and overdimension permits can gain the following benefits from joining as a financial member of the Association:

  • Up to date information on changes to policy & permit conditions
  • Advocacy on behalf of members and the wider industry
  • Input into consultation on national policy matters
  • Inclusion in the annual industry directory
  • Discounts on specialised products
  • Networking opportunities with industry members
  • Annual Conference

In addition, we welcome membership applications from Class 1 and 2 Pilots (Load Pilot membership) and suppliers to our industry (as Associate Members).

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