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Road designers should be aware of the travel of overdimension and overweight loads when designing or altering roading networks. The Heavy Haulage Association has developed a comprehensive roading design specification that provides details of these requirements.

In addition, together with NZTA, the Association has developed a set of regularly used heavy haulage routes. These are the main routes that will be used when transporting an overdimension or overweight load. Note that often the loading and destination locations will be on other roads.

The Association recomends consulting the route maps to ensure that the main routes are identified and known.

The benefits of desiging a roading project in compliance with the design specifications is that expensive re-design or re-work of the contructed design may not need to be undertaken later.

To ensure that a specific roading design project complies with the Association's requirements, please contact the the Association with the specific plans for the project.

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