Membership will appeal to those transport organisations that wish to stay right up to date with the ever-changing transport environment, and who also wish to contribute to making their operating conditions safe and efficient.

The Association serves four distinct industry sectors:

  • Heavy Haulage Transport
  • Building Relocation 
  • Load Pilots
  • Heavy Recovery

Companies join as a member in one of three categories:

1. Full Transport Company Members

This is the membership category for transport operators who are involved in the regular transport of overdimension and/or overweight loads. Full members are allocated to either the heavy haulage, house mover, or heavy salvage sector groups for the purpose of voting for Board Member representation.

Membership fees are determined on the basis of the number of prime movers involved in overdimension and overweight work. Full members are represented by 6 of the 7 members of the Association's Board. Membership fees are as follows, and are based on the number of prime mover trucks engaged in transporter work:

1 Prime Mover = $980.00 +GST

2 Prime Movers = $1,180.00 +GST

3 Prime Movers = $1,300.00 + GST

4 Prime Movers = $1420.00 + GST

Full pilot membership is available on enquiry. 

2. Associate Membership

This membership category is for suppliers and supporters to the industry. Associate members get great deals on advertising to members. Membership fees are $660.00 + GST per year.

3. Load Pilot Specialist Membership

Load Pilot Specialist Membership is for class 1 and 2 pilots who wish to stay up to date with the overdimension and overweight industry. Load Pilot Specialist members are represented directly by an elected Member on the Association’s Board. Membership fees are $330.00 + GST per year

Benefits of Membership


One of the key reasons that companies join the NZHHA is for the up to date information that we provide to our members. This is from policy changes, to resources about contacts for permits, to upcoming consultations that can affect your company, to roading updates. We supply this through a membership portal on our website, alongside regular email updates about new items on the website. We also offer an annual conference, magazines, and a membership directory.


The Association aims to keep the interests of its members in front of decision makers – be this about proposed policy and rule changes, roading projects, or other legislation such as RUC’s. We give members an opportunity to know what consultations are coming up, and having an input into what the Association will be putting forward to NZTA, Councils and other Government Departments. We make specific representations to District Council’s all over NZ regarding the planning controls on relocated houses around NZ.

Products and Deals

We offer to members the best prices that we can arrange on specialised products for the heavy haulage sector. This includes barlights, reflective signage, industry resources and other products such as fuel and insurance. Many of these are available online through our website.

The Association welcomes enquiries and applications for membership at any time.

To make a general enquiry about membership use our contact form

To make a membership application use our online membership application form

Or download the relevant application form and return it us completed:

Full Membership Application Form

Associate Membership Application Form

Load Pilot Specialist Application Form