Recognising Excellence in Heavy Haulage: Get Qualified in Heavy Haulage with MITO

If you want information about on-job training within the heavy haulage sector, you’ve come to the right place.

MITO’s heavy haulage programmes provide recognition of drivers’ experience and skills in transporting oversized loads safely.

They are also designed to upskill new drivers, enabling them to be efficient, knowledgeable and safe operators.

There are two qualifications available: one for heavy haulage pilots and one for heavy haulage drivers, both combining theory and practical learning with on-job assessment.

Designed for the industry, by the industry, these programmes will provide drivers with nationally recognised qualifications.

Heavy Haulage Pilot

Holders of the National Certificate in Heavy Haulage (Class 1 Pilot) (Level 3) are able to:

- Pilot overweight and over-dimension loads as a Class 1 pilot, and as a Class 2 pilot
- Carry out pre-vehicle checks on light motor vehicles
- Maintain personal health and safety and manage fatigue
- Undertake route planning and understand consents and permits.

Heavy Haulage Driver

Holders of the National Certificate in Heavy Haulage (Transportation) (Level 4) are able to:

- Plan for transporting overweight loads and over-dimension loads
- Configure a specialist heavy haulage vehicle for transport of a load
- Demonstrate knowledge of heavy combination, overweight and over-dimension vehicle dynamics for safe driving.

Electives include managing overweight and over-dimension load movements along with self-supervision for overweight loads crossing bridges. Candidates can also choose to complete an optional strand in Abnormal Loads, covering transporting abnormal overweight or over-dimension loads by road.

Download the MITO Heavy Haulage Training Factsheet

Management Qualifications

MITO’s management programmes are for current and aspiring managers and supervisors who wish to advance their management skills.

The National Certificate in Road Transport Management (Operations) (Level 4) is for people working in the road transport sector who manage staff and/or vehicles in their organisation and interact with people outside their organisation. The structure of the certificate allows people to tailor programmes to meet the skill needs of their job, and provides for the different specialist skills in the road transport industry

The National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) (Level 4) is for people working in any of MITO’s sectors who wish to develop their management capability, business acumen and team leadership skills.

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MITO works with the transport, logistics, automotive and extractive industries to facilitate the achievement of high-quality, nationally recognised qualifications. Each year, MITO helps thousands of New Zealand candidates gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

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