The NZ Heavy Haulage Association is the national trade association for member companies that transport overweight or overdimension loads.

The transport of such loads by specialist transport organisations involves gaining permission from various regulatory authorities, and a key role of the Association is to promote the interests of the industry with these agencies to ensure that any conditions for travel are appropriate for transport companies to operate within.

The Association also performs a key information-sharing role with its members to ensure that they are up to date with an operating environment that is continually changing. This is achieved by distributing information to members through a weekly e-newsletter, a subscription to the Contractor Magazine and Truck & Driver Magazine, and a yearly Conference for members.

A Board is elected directly by the members oversees the work of the Association and the Board employs an Chief Executive and Support Officer based in Wellington to carry out the everyday work of the Association. This includes lobbying the various regulatory agencies, making submissions on policy issues, distributing information, and responding directly to members’ concerns about specific matters. An annual Member Directory is a key industry resource for accessing professionals involved in the overweight and overdimension industry.

The Association is currently developing good practice guides for all the sectors of the Association We are working with MITO to deliver training programmes to ensure that activities are both safe and are carried out to a high standard. 

The Association serves four distinct industry sectors:

  • Heavy Haulage Transport
  • Building Relocation 
  • Load Pilots
  • Heavy Recovery

Companies join as a member in one of three categories:

1. Full Transport Company Members

This is the membership category for transport operators who are involved in the regular transport of overdimension and/or overweight loads. Full members are allocated to either the heavy haulage, house mover, or heavy salvage sector groups for the purpose of voting for Board Member representation.

Membership fees are determined on the basis of the number of prime movers involved in overdimension and overweight work.

Full membership is also available for Load Pilots on request. 

2. Associate Members

This membership category is for suppliers and supporters to the industry who through their membership are able to access the majority of the heavy haulage and building relocation sector players. 

3. Load Pilot Specialist Members

Pilot Membership is for class 1 and 2 pilots who wish to stay up to date with the overdimension and overweight industry. Pilot members are represented directly by an elected Member on the Association’s Board.

Membership Applications

The Association welcomes enquiries and applications for membership at any time.

Membership will appeal to those transport organisations that wish to stay right up to date with the ever-changing transport environment, and who also wish to contribute to making their operating conditions safe and efficient.

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Contact Details:

Chief Executive: Jonathan Bhana-Thomson

Mob: 027 417 5554


Administration Officer: 


Association Office:

Physical Address: Level 10, Petherick Tower, 38 Waring Taylor Street, Wellington 6011

Postal: PO Box 3873, Wellington 6140

Ph: 64 4 4720366

General Email: