A large load that has an OVERSIZE sign attached to it will often be taking up more than its own lane – please slow down to ensure you can pass it safely.

If there are load pilots accompanying the load then this tells you that the load is larger again, and you should look for their instruction to slow or stop.

If the pilot vehicles have purple and amber lights with a DANGER SLOW DOWN sign, then this is a very wide load and you should be prepared to stop.

A large oversize vehicle or load may need to use the centre of the road to safely move past roadside structures, parked cars and other obstructions. The law requires other road users to make way and, if necessary, stop to allow a large load to pass by safely.


Loads that are overweight or wide will often need to travel down the centre of a bridge at slow speed. Other road users are requested to slow down and pull over and wait in an area where the large load can move off the bridge easily.

Load pilots travelling with the load will signal other road users to slow stop and park in areas where it is safe to do so. Please follow their instructions.

If the pilot vehicle displays a handheld 'stop' sign, you are required by law to stop and obey any instructions that are given. The drivers will signal you to stop with a hand held STOP sign, a red flag or with a red torch.


Large loads and their pilots are required to be radio communication with one another, and often CB is also used to communicate with truckies.

Please pay attention to the instructions that are being conveyed over the CB radio as this will make the transport of both your load and the large load easier. If the messages over the CB are acknowledged by other truckies – perhaps ask how wide the load is – then this lets the pilot know you have heard the warning.

When a rear pilot vehicle trails a load, it will display a warning sign. If the driver of the rear pilot vehicle waves you through, you may overtake.

You are then likely to encounter one or two pilot vehicles in front of the truck. Often these vehicles are likely to be travelling slowly. Overtake them when it is safe to do so.


All aspects of the transport of a large load are designed to ensure the safety of all on the road. Please be aware that any need to pull over and wait for a large load to move through is for your protection. If all road users do their bit then the transport of a large load will occur more quickly and with greater safety.